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Repair Services

Often times repairing a horse blanket is more cost effective then purchasing a new one. Many damaged blankets look beyond repair, but in most cases the repairs are fairly simple. I take pride in matching fabric and colors as close as possible. I will never charge more for a repair than the blanket is worth. If it will cost to much to repair or if the blanket is not worth fixing, I will always notify you for your approval first. Generally if the cost of the repair is more than $40.00 it may not be worth it. All blankets must be laundered and free of all dirt and hair before repairs will be done.


Patches $2.00 and up depending on the size and extent of damage.
Belly band with surcingle $6.00
Leg strap with surcingle $8.00
Front buckles $4.00
Replace a surcingle $3.00
Restitching $2.00 and up
Replace velcro on leg ware $5.00 each piece
1” elastic leg straps $10.00
If you have further questions please feel free to contact me or request a pick up.

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